The Commonwealth Secretariat
The Commonwealth Secretariat, an intergovernmental organization representing 54 member countries, works and publishes in the areas of international, political, and economic affairs; development assistance; and legal and human rights, education, health, science, agriculture, biodiversity, public sector reforms and gender and youth affairs. It's publications, a concrete result of its activities, communicate policies, provide advice, and disseminate the results of observation and research.
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Integrating Sustainable Development into International Investment Agreements J. Anthony VanDuzer, Penelope Simons, Graham Mayeda
"[T]hese IIA design options represent significant 'game changers' in the area of international investment, including in relation to investor-state dispute settlement, and merit serious consideration by stakeholders."

- Columbia FDI Perspectives
Tourism and Inclusive Growth in Small Island Developing States Julia Jeyacheya, Mark P. Hampton
"This report is suitable for researchers seeking to understand issues relating to tourism development in SIDS. Students in these islands and those studying tourism developments in general may also find the numerous pieces of data useful for further analysis. Public sector officials may use the report
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- Tourism Management